The Sublimation Reader: Volume One

You may be interested in helping The Sublimation Reader: Volume One with pre-orders. They’ve got a long way to go toward their goal and only 13 more days to do it. They’ve had a previously unsuccessful project, so probably would love the support even more on this new attempt. I don’t know much about them, but thought the project sounded interesting. You might also be interested in the post “Magic and Mysticism” over on the Sublimation Pressworks blog to get another idea of how this project could be relevant to your interests.

“Sublimation Pressworks is an independent publisher and collective of artists that believe creativity, quality, and daring are the key components to making exceptional visual art and writing.

As well as being great writers, our diverse collective of contributors includes designers, bookmakers, woodworkers, painters, printers, sculptors, philosophers, fiber artists, theorists, occultists, literature/cinema connoisseurs, historians, actors, and musicians, all ready to enrich people’s lives with thoughtful commentary on films, provocative literary erotica, and philosophies both eccentric and wonderful.

Ultimately we want to create an Internet tribe of thoughtful discussion and intellectual fellowship, to promote an Internet Renaissance, a New Age of Digital Bohemianism. Like the Bauhaus, the Beats, or the Surrealists, the Romantics, the Dadaists, or the Cavaliers we want to encourage a new creative paradigm unfettered by location.

Sadly, we surf the Internet and rarely see this kind of interaction. Our work changes this by offering three separate websites that will contain diverse content:

Sublimation Pressworks ( is an arts and literature periodical/online-store. It’s our ambition to publish limited-edition artist books and trade paperbacks dedicated to literary erotica, mysticism, philosophy, art theory, occultism, and fantasy-based fiction and non-fiction.” [via]



“For this Kickstarter campaign we’re focusing on the premiere volume. The periodical will be in the 5.5” x 8.5” perfect bound trade paperback format with interior pages printed in black and white on 60# white Husky Offset paper. The full color covers will be printed on white 12 point C1S, a heavyweight stock that is coated on one side. After printing, the covers are laminated with gloss film to protect from scuffing. The edition will be limited to 1000 copies. The printing and design cost for the edition will be around $5000.

Being an independent publishing company is not easy. It takes time, money, and perseverance.

You may ask: Why should I give money to Sublimation Pressworks when there are so many other artists in the world also in need of funding? The answer is simple: What we’re asking for is the unique chance to contribute something literary and daring to an Internet world that’s getting more illiterate and predictable.” [via]