Egyptian Hieroglyph Corset

This Egyptian Hieroglyph Corset by Louise Black Designs is an interesting print combined with an exclusive minimal corset design intended primarily for comfort and decoration. This is also a limited edition of no more than 5 made.

“This is a new corset style I’ve created. It’s very minimal but striking and can be worn over clothing to accentuate the waist or worn with lingerie. It’s constructed from 7 panels of alternating black cotton twill and cotton that has been printed with gold metallic fabric paint. It’s reinforced with an additional layer of duck canvas for even more cinching power. It is lined in a comfortable, decorative toile canvas. The edges and seams are encased in bias tape & lace. This sturdy, under-bust style is more of a decorative corset (not for severe waist reduction/training), but it will still pull in your waist a couple inches and give your mid-section a waspy, hour glass appearance.” [via]