Thelemic Sigils – Mercury via Rose 93


“This is a thelemic rose diagram. The circle is successfully divided into 5 equal wedges that sum to 93. Upon it is what i call the thelemic sigil of mercury since mercury is the first planet, we are 93,000,000 miles away from the sun, and this is the first possible combination of 93 using an English alphabet assigned to the natural counting numbers. 5+6+7+26+25+24=93. Where 93 is a natural subset number formed from the 5×6 rectangular matrix in the set of numbers 1…30 shown in the photo. Since all pairs in the set 1 through 30 add to 31, naturally the number line folded up 3 pairs at a time, 31+31+31, are retained in each row. This is an extension of LAShTAL because it recognizes all the pairs of 30 possible in the set of natural counting numbers and this matrix is not much harder to memorize than a phone keypad.”


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