Hand-bound Goetia Set

J S Kupperman, publisher of the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition, is offering a Hand-bound Goetia Set.

Hand-bound Goetia Set – Slipcase


“A two-volume set of the Goetia or Lesser Key of Solomon, based on the Mathers and Peterson editions. The set, hand-bound in vegetable leather, is in full color with many pages hand embellished with liquid gold leaf. The larger book contains the names, seals and descriptions of the seventy-two spirits of the Goetia, as well as ample room for note taking. The second volume contains descriptions and instructions for making all of the ritual items necessary for the evocation of the spirits, including supplementary information from the Greater Key of Solomon. The second volume also has all of the necessary conjurations. Each book has its own, hand-made slip case for protection. (Scarab paper weight not included.)” [via]

Hand-bound Goetia Set – Spine


Hand-bound Goetia Set – Interior