Hello Baphomet Kitty

The All-Seeing Cat, who’s previous Hello Aleister Crowley Kitty went quite viral, let me know about Hello Baphomet Kitty, a unique new piece no doubt of interest.

The All-Seeing Cat's Hello Baphomet Kitty

“For nearly one thousand years, the figure of Baphomet has laid within the shadows of our conscious grasp as the single most mysterious creation of man’s mind. Most famously being graphically represented to the public in 1854 by Eliphas Levi, Baphomet still begs us to contemplate the apparent contradictions within ourselves as we look upon its symbolic revelation of inherent perfection.

Now Baphomet can inspire you through this handmade sculpture of polymer clay and acrylic paints. ‘Hello Baphomet’ has three coats of chip-resistant polyurethane varnish applied for protection and long lasting beauty, and will come signed by the artist. Please note that strict magical procedures were followed in the production of this One-Of-A-Kind (OOAK) piece. Due to the length of time invested in this sculpture, only one will be produced.

‘Hello Baphomet’ sits 4.25 inches tall upon a truncated Earth, with a wingspan of 4 inches and a total depth of 2 inches.” [via]

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