The Complete Conjuring Spirits

Hermetic Library fellow Michael Osiris Snuffin has posted on his blog about a revised and expanded, perhaps to the point of seemingly new, book at “Coming Soon: The Complete Conjuring Spirits“.

“It pleases me to announce that the revised and expanded version of Conjuring Spirits will hit the shelves in December! To me, The Complete Conjuring Spirits feels more like a new book that just a simple revision; I completely rewrote and updated the text. I also added new material to The Complete Conjuring Spirits, including:

–An essay on the theory behind sorcery that examines how the spirit world works and how we interact with it.
–A new section on Archangelic evocation.
–The sigils and descriptions of the seventy-two spirits of the Goetia.
–A transcription of an evocation of RAAGIOSL, the Elemental King of Water.” [via]