Preserving magical oils and anointing small candles

Bkwyrm, of the Occult Book Reviews site archived at the library, has posted a couple new practical instructions about magical oils on her Quadrivium Supplies blog, which may be of interest, at “Preserving Magical Oils” and “Anointing Small Candles“.


“In previous posts, I think I’ve addressed the fact that natural oils eventually go rancid. It happens to all of them – probably everyone has had the experience of opening a bottle of olive oil and making a face at the smell.” [via]


“Oils are used a lot in candle magick. In fact, that’s probably the #1 way people use Quadrivium Oils (it’s not the only way you can use them, but probably the most obvious). A question that comes up a lot is “what kind of candles should I use with a ritual oil?” The instructions given on the website generally deal with taper candles, since that’s what most people have available. There’s lots of other different kinds of candles, though, and all of them can be used with our oils.” [via]