New oil and sampler pack special

Bkwyrm, of the Occult Book Reviews site archived at the library, has a new magical oil, “Pay Up!”, and a special offer on sample packs over at Quadrivium Supplies, which may be of interest, about which she posted at “New Oil — Pay Up!” and “Anointing Small Candles“.


“It’s taken a long time to develop this oil. It’s probably a most-tested oil in our entire line.”

“Pay Up! oil is designed to get what is owed to you.” [via]


“The Sample Pack consists of five oils of your choice (electional or regular), in 1/4 dram size, packaged together and sold for $10 plus shipping. This permits people who aren’t sure about what oil they need, or people who aren’t sure that ritual oils are their thing, to try a selection without making too significant an investment in a full bottle of one particular oil.” [via]