A Magus Among the Adepts

A Magus Among the Adepts. Essays and Addresses. is a “new collection of thirty fugitive and unpublished papers by William Wynn Westcott,” edited and introduced by R A Gilbert, published by Teitan Press and available via Weiser Antiquerian Books.


A Magus Among the Adepts is a wholly new collection of thirty fugitive and unpublished papers by William Wynn Westcott.

In the public mind Westcott is associated primarily with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, but that magical Order was the child of Westcott’s life and work as a Rosicrucian, and thus the twelve papers that comprise the first section of this book are drawn from his magical, alchemical and Rosicrucian writings – including three unpublished addresses to members of the Golden Dawn, and his correspondence concerning Mathers and Crowley, brought together here for the first time. Other aspects of Western Esotericism – symbolism, divination, Kabbalah, the Mysteries and Freemasonry – are taken up in the thirteen papers that make up the following three sections. In all of them Westcott’s facility with his varied subject matter – Gnostic doctrines; Zodiacal signs; Egyptian Mysteries; Kabalistic Cosmogony; and the Number 666, among much else – and his mastery over its content, is clear. His deep knowledge of folklore and mythology is demonstrated in essays on the Basilisk, the Mandrake and “Mystical Animals of Antiquity,” whilst the final section of this collection contains two remarkable and entertaining essays – “Twelve Years’ Experiences of a London Coroner” and “The Coroner and his Medical Neighbours” – in which Westcott gives his personal memories and reflections of his professional career. His life as a whole is encapsulated in a new biographical introduction by Dr. R. A. Gilbert, who has drawn upon a wealth of contemporary and personal archives to provide a rounded and detailed portrait of every facet of this complex and enigmatic man.

The book is a hardcover, octavo size (9 x 6 inches, approx. 23.5 x 15.2cm), xxii + 242pp. Quality black cloth binding with gilt facsimile signature on upper board, gilt titling to spine. Sewn, printed on acid-free paper. Black and white frontispiece, index. Glossy dust jacket.
ISBN: 9780933429321. Edition limited to 650 numbered copies. Price: US $50.00″ [via]