“Bambino” by Moth Rah from Girl/Phoenix EP

White haired lady waits in the garden,
Drawing aside the curtain,
She is smiling for me,
Smiling for me and my lover.
Chestnuts grow in the garden,
The caterpillar climbs to the highest leaf:
Papillon, papillon,
Papillon, papillon.
I hold a little bird caught in my hands,
Little heart beats so fast,
Away you want to fly,
To stand with your family on the wire,
But you are not ready yet my little bird.
Little bird, little bird,
Little bird, little bird.
Lovely lady walks in her garden,
Rocking her babe in her arms,
Her face turned toward the sun,
She is smiling for me,
Smiling for me and my lover.
Sunflowers grow in the garden,
The flowers reach up toward the light.
Bambino, bambino,
Bambino, bambino.
I hold your spirit little flower, inside of me.
I hold a promise to you.
You are a promise to me.

Footage taken from La Fee Printemps (1902) and L’Abeille et la Rose (1908) by Segundo de Chomon.


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