“Rise” by Moth Rah from Girl/Phoenix EP

Broken heart, broken head, broken ice,
Broken like a Cinderella slipper,
Dashed like a fallen shooting star,
Open up your mouth like a secret,
Out pour broken diamonds splinter in your heart.
Dashed a thousand hopes, a thousand loves, a thousand dreams.
Fragile is the glass that holds your image.
Rise, arise, rise, arise.
Gather up the splinters to re-create your eyes.
Not every card of death only shows the end.
Not every hurtful laugh is the honesty of friends.
Girl. Phoenix, phoenix. Girl. Phoenix, phoenix.
Let the fire take hold. Let the fire take hold.
Throw the bones. Throw the bones.
Ash to gold. Ash to gold.
Rise. Arise.
You were running, running scared.
You were running, running scared.
So you beat out your heart,
So you beat out your heart.
Rise, arise.
Rise, arise.

Footage by Segundo de Chomón from La L’gende du Fantome (1908)


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