Pamphlets Concerning the Absent Apocalypse

One Eye Two Crows Press has announced a call for submissions to Pamphlets Concerning the Absent Apocalypse: Encouragement and Instruction for Human Experiments Starting a New Charade, a project to “collect pamphlets, created by you, with the purpose of providing (in however way you see fit) instructions for ongoing participation in life.”

“Definition of Pamphlet (from Merriam-Webster online) Unbound printed publication with a paper cover or no cover. Among the first printed materials, pamphlets were widely used in England, France, and Germany from the early 16th century, often for religious or political propaganda; they sometimes rose to the level of literature or philosophical discourse. In North America, pre-Revolutionary War agitation stimulated extensive pamphleteering; foremost among the writers of political pamphlets was Thomas Paine. By the 20th century, the pamphlet was more often used for information than for controversy.

Pamphlets are amazing. They have the power to stimulate dread, excitement, anger, and shame, frequently from people who steal a glimpse at the cover image, make fleeting eye contact with the agent of distribution, and then run like mad. They are delivered by force to hapless strangers who occupy the wrong sidewalk square, they are thrust upon car windshields in Wal-Mart parking lots, they are crammed into lockers by concerned parent types looking for a quiet way to discourage drug use, fornication, and alternative forms of dress. They were the things we read aloud at fires during camping trips, source material for cut-and-paste zines, and last minute unexpected voting guides that could be carried into privacy booths for cheating. For every person who rejects these fits of poetic terrorism, there’s another who discovers Mormon destiny, finds that creepy fluoride comic scary, or falls down an internet hole searching for the truth inside the potent ramblings of paranoids.” [via]

As was said via e-mail about this, you may be interested in participating if “1.) You are a person who writes things. 2.) You’re an artist of some kind. 3.) You are intelligent. 4.) You have been known to rant and rave politically, philosophically, or spiritually. 5.) You have thoughts, and inclination towards sharing them. 6.) You are a leader in some capacity, and have an authentic message to share.”

“2013 is upon us and if the Four Horsemen don’t show soon, a whole bunch of Hollywood movies are going to seem like bullshit. Kool-Aid is inviting. People will be hunting for instructions, inspirations, marinations, indoctrinations, and verbal masturbations. And since no matter how hard we try to time travel it’s not the 18th century, they will need these pamphlet to be accessible on handheld electronic devices.

The intent of this project is to collect pamphlets, created by you, with the purpose of providing (in however way you see fit) instructions for ongoing participation in life. This could manifest in the form of a thoughtful guide on how to purchase kitchen gadgets, a caps lock manifesto demanding that we stop checking work email on weekends, the recruitment materials of your church (either real or imaginary) with the intent to actively recruit or keep other people away forever, or philosophical ramblings to initiate and inspire. Comic form, prose, poetry, drawings, photography, anything printable goes. The only rules are:

1.) All submissions must be received by January 30th.
2.) Submissions must be electronic (pdf, doc, jpeg, and others – no zip files). Send them to oneeyetwocrows (at) with PAMPHLET (Your Pamphlet’s title) in the subject line.
3.) Your submission must be a pamphlet!
4.) All material included in the pamphlet must be your own.
5.) While there’s no official word limitation, if your manifesto is longer than 10,000 words, folks might get exhausted.

Please include name, phone number, preferred email address, and how you’d like to be credited in your pamphlet. A cover image is also being sought, so if you’d like to toss your creation in for consideration, please do.

One Eye Two Crows Press firmly believes that artists and writers should be paid for their work; the amount the artists will be paid will depend on sales. If your art is selected for the cover, you get $200. Pamphlet will appear in electronic format and(possibly) limited edition hardcover.” [via]