Clavis Journal No 1

Clavis Journal No 1 has been announced for pre-order availability. This is the inaugural issue for the new Clavis: Journal of the Art Magical, a collaboration between Ouroboros Press and Three Hands Press.

CLAVIS is a journal of the advanced occult disciplines, produced by esoteric publishers Ouroboros Press and Three Hands Press. Born of the desire to serve an increasingly sophisticated esoteric community, its pages wed the dual arenas of scholar and practitioner, our aim to serve as a magical resource for years to come. In accord with the Emblem of our work, the journal provides unique access to magical strata and currents of esoteric thought not found elsewhere. Our pages feature Magical Theory and Practice, Hermetic Studies, Comparative and Esoteric Religion, History of Magic, Folklore and newly-emergent fields of syncretic occult praxis.” [via]


Clavis Journal of the Art Magical No 1 from Ouroboros Press and Three Hands Press


“Clavis Journal announces its debut issue, now available for pre-order. Our inceptive ‘Journal of the Art Magical’ contains both modern, innovative occult content and scintillant magical artifacts of centuries past. We are proud to feature the work of Johnny Jakobsson, that being “Nebiros et Ars Necomantica” an extended investigation and reverie on the grimoire-patrons of the corpse and burial ground. Martin Duffy examines the gnosis of Judas Iscariot and his place as a witch’s Saint of Opposition in “One Beyond Twelve: The Thirteenth Spirit, Judas and the Opposer”. Craig Williams issues an important magical caveat emptor for the would-be cartographers of the qliphotic wastes in “Daath Gnosis”. A lunar-qabbalistic magical operation entitled ‘Shaddai’s Gate’ is presented by the pseudonomous Frater AI. The mysterious Grosvenor manuscript is examined by Ben Fernee in “The Commonplace Book of Grosvenor”. Daniel Schulke’s ‘Diablo Stigmata’ examines the perpetuity of the Devil’s Mark as an accursed brand, setting the flesh of the witch apart from mankind. Also featured are alchemical writings by Edward Kelley and George Ripley, and illustrations by Tomasz Allen Kopera, Rima Staines, Joseph Uccello, Tom Allen, Sasan Saidi, Hagen Von Tulien, Johnny Jakobsson, and more.

Standard Edition
80 pages, Softcover, heavy stock, with black and white and full colour illustrations. Limited to 1,300 copies.
The standard edition will begin shipping on February 1st, 2013.

Deluxe Edition
Bound in full goat with marbled endpapers, the deluxe edition features a limited edition two-colour letterpress print of Joseph Uccello’s illustrated text of the alchemist Sir George Ripley’s Vision of the Toad. Limited to 125 copies only.
The standard edition will begin shipping on February 15th, 2013.
$260 Limit one copy per subscriber.” [via]