Debunking the Lovecraftian Occult

Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison offers a critical perspective on the influence of H P Lovecraft’s fiction at “Debunking the Lovecraftian Occult” which may be of interest.

“The both delightfully and horrifyingly bizarre spectacle that we laughably refer to as “the modern world” is graced by the presence of a perhaps surprisingly large number of Lovecraftian occult ‘orders’, and an ever-growing body of writings concerning the practice of Lovecraftian occultism. This literalising of Lovecraft’s tales of crazed and diabolical cultists enslaved by monstrous, ancient god-like entities has to qualify as one of the most curious cultural phenomena, even by the standards of the already highly curious subculture of contemporary Lovecraftiana. I would therefore like to take a few moments of your time, dear reader, in which to survey this singular scene, and to challenge, perhaps, some of the presumptions and misconceptions that underlie it—please do not be alarmed, the process will be almost entirely painless, and I can assure you that you will feel much better in the morning.” [via]

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