3D Cube of Space

Cos fr Hermetic 1
Cos fr Hermetic 1, originally uploaded by stevebwriter1.

“View of 3D model of Cube of Space (created in Sketchup). Places for the edge Tarot Trumps created by “chamfering” the edges to form an 18-face solid which, I hope is still recognisably the Cube. The “flag” solution for the three axial Trumps is not really satisfactory and I haven’t found a way of making The World in the middle visible.”


Cos for Hermetic 2
Cos for Hermetic 2, originally uploaded by stevebwriter1.

“View 2 of 3D Cube of Space model, centred on South Below edge.”


CoS w oriented Keys 1
CoS w oriented Keys 1, originally uploaded by stevebwriter1.

“Cube of Space with Trumps oriented to the supposed energy flows along the edges of the Cube”


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