Most popular Hermetic Library blog posts of 2012

Here are the top 5 most viewed posts of 2012:

  1. The Copiale Cipher: An Early German Masonic Ritual Unveiled
  2. Da Pacem Domine
  3. Leather steampunk Anubis and Bast masks
  4. Hello Aleister Crowley Kitty
  5. Boleskine House

Here’s the 5 most popular search terms:

  1. krampus (Last year’s 3rd)
  2. boleskine house
  3. aleister crowley
  4. thelema (Last year’s 2nd)
  5. abbey of thelema

If you want to compare, take a look at the most popular posts and search terms of 2011. Are you curious about the other posts in the top 50 for 2012? The most popular posts are quite an interesting variety! Interestingly, the most popular post of 2011 (DIONYSUS) doesn’t appear anywhere in the top 50 this year, though there’s quite a few posts from last year that are still popular these days. Here’s the next 45 most popular posts:

  1. The historical place of Aleister Crowley in fact and fiction is explored a bit and somewhat sorted in a column about “Bad Books you never want your co-workers to know you’re reading”
  2. Leather masks of Thoth, Anubis and Ra
  3. The Red Goddess and Crossed Keys from Scarlet Imprint
  4. Krampus Tee Shirt
  5. Open letter from John Michael Greer to the Golden Dawn community
  6. More on the Copiale cipher and the revealed rites of a secret society of Oculists
  7. Abbey of Thelema
  8. Mapping the Occult City: Exploring Magick and Esotericism in the Urban Utopia
  9. krampus postcard
  10. The Moonchild of Yesod is also available as a free download
  11. AMORC altar set
  12. Hakim Bey and the Occupy Wall Street movement
  13. “O coffee! By the mighty Name of Power do I invoke thee, consecrating thee to the Service of the Magic of Light. Let the pulsations of my heart be strong and regular and slow! Let my brain be wakeful and active in its supreme task of self-control! That my desired end may be effected through Thy strength, Adonai, unto Whom be the Glory for ever! Amen without lie, and Amen, and Amen of Amen.”
  14. The Book of Soyga
  15. Lost Lucifer Rising soundtrack by Jimmy Page revisited, remixed and released today
  16. The Mysteries of John the Baptist
  17. Do What Thou Wilt Print
  18. The Book of Law of the Venerable Secret Order of the Eye
  19. Grand Guignol II: HÄXAN – Satan + The Women who love Him
  20. Mr. Aleister Crowley, the author, declines to make himself invisible in court
  21. September 1930, Lisbon: Aleister Crowley’s lost diary of his Portuguese trip
  22. The Nightmare Paintings
  23. The Mystery of the Letters and The Tree of Life
  24. “If the standard premises upon which the Golden Dawn formulates its planetary hexagrams are applied, a symbolically consistent system of invoking and banishing can be derived. Further these formulations can be verified by corollary application of the elemental paradigm, with similarly consistent and symbolically harmonious results.”
  25. Hello Baphomet Kitty
  26. TYLER Beta Testing
  27. Leather masks of Anubis, Bast and Egyptian cat
  28. babalon
  29. Dream Logic Tarot
  30. The Book of Baphomet
  31. Aleister Crowley related shirts from Fear and Clothing
  32. It’s funnier in Copiale
  33. Aleister Crowley, Lam and the Amalantrah Working mentioned in an interview with Brian Butler
  34. Witch and wicked
  35. The Celtic Golden Dawn: An Original & Complete Curriculum of Druidical Study
  36. The Moonchild of Yesod
  37. The Hermetic Library Anthology Album – Magick, Music and Ritual 4
  38. Enochian Chess
  39. Oracle Tarot Deck
  40. A few preliminary prepared remarks for those early in their study of Esotericism
  41. Debunking the Lovecraftian Occult
  42. Stele of Revealing replica of the miniatures commissioned by Aleister Crowley
  43. Occult Guide
  44. Secrets of Secret Societies
  45. Guy Fawkes Bandana Mask