Frater Oz – Evolution

You may be interested in helping Frater Oz to kickstart his upcoming CD release Evolution.

“Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting and considering a donation!

Please please please Share this page everywhere you can! Blogs, Facebook, Forums, Twitter, Tumbler… Anywhere you can get more people interested!

I would like your help to get the next CD, which I am calling “Evolution” finished. Their are financial barriers to making it a reality, and indeed, for keeping the whole process moving for the future as well. As many of you know, while I do typically charge fans to download the musick, I have always offered it free of charge to listen to via Youtube and ReverbNation. As a result, A lot of people get to hear my musick for free, and that means that I make almost no money from this passion I have.

I want to be able to release this next CD at the highest quality level possible, and that costs money. I also want to be able to continue letting the creative inspiration flow out freely through my musick in the future.” [via]