A Starr is Born

Hermetic Library fellow T Polyphilus reviews Starr the Slayer: A Starr is Born by Daniel Way, Richard Corben and Jose Villarrubia:

Daniel Way, Richard Corben and Jose Villarrubia's Starr the Slayer: A Starr is Born from Marvel


This graphic novel collects the first four issues of Daniel Way’s 2009 reboot of Roy Thomas’s 1970 Conan knockoff Starr the Slayer. The 21st-century version is an “adult” fantasy title from Marvel Comics’ “Max” imprint. Richard Corben furnishes the art in his inimitable style. The story is very suited to Corben’s work; it is a profanity-riddled barbarian-boy-makes-good adventure, with the narration provided in rhyming doggerel throughout by a ludicrous minstrel. Complication is provided by a hack pulp writer “Len Carson” (Thomas’ creation), who is supposed to have invented the barbarian and his world, becoming enslaved by a fictional villain he created; thus the evil sorcerer Trull effectively has the demiurge as his thrall. This metaficitonal opus is sort of what you might get if a drunken 19-year-old D&D player tried to write James Branch Cabell’s The Cream of the Jest.

This slender volume is a fast read, full of disgusting violence, nudity, and general hilarity. [via]



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