Toxic Vision Ritual Cloak

You may be interested in this unique ritual cloak from Sharon Ehman’s Toxic Vision that features the Baphomet sigil.

Toxic Vision's Ritual Cloak

“This is a very important Toxic Vision piece — it was featured in Iron Fist magazine and one of my personal favorites. I hope whoever buys this appreciates it, this one is special to me!

Made from scratch out of white heavy satin and off-white deerskin hides with pentagrams printed all over, blood stains dripping down and gold studs!

This design is ONE OF A KIND, the only one in the world like it!” [via]

Toxic Vision's Ritual Cloak alternate view

“Toxic Vision is a Toronto based clothing label owned and operated by designer Sharon Ehman. All clothing is made from scratch by the designer and all designs are one of a kind. Aside from producing regular weekly collections, Toxic Vision has also created pieces for Dee Snider, Dave Navarro, Juliette Lewis, Steve Harris, Kat Von D, Watain, Megadeth, Poison, Dimmu Borgir, Morbid Angel and many more.” [via]