Coreopsis, a Journal of Myth and Theatre

Hermetic Library fellow Sam Webster has announced the revival of Coreopsis, a Journal of Myth and Theatre under the Concrescent Scholars imprint. The journal will be independent and freely available online; and will be online-only publication, at least to start. While peer-reviewed, the journal is open to non-academic authors. In addition to making available past issues on the new site, you can check out the call for papers for Spring/Summer 2013 and Fall/Winter 2013 on their announcements page.

Coreopsis, a Journal of Myth and Theatre from Concrescent Scholars


Coreopsis is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal dedicated to humanistic scholarship in the arts of sacred performance in areas of interest that include — but, are not limited to — ritual studies, liturgical considerations, musicology and composition, dance, folklore, mythology, historical research, theatre arts (including technical aspects), mythopoetics, ethnography and selected areas of psychology, brain science, neuraesthetics, cybernetics and the science of thought, shamanic studies, and consciousness.” [via]


“I am proud to announce the relaunch of Coreopsis, a Journal of Myth and Theatre!

In the spring of 2009, Dr. Lezlie Kinyon with a staff of volunteers launched Coreopsis Journal and produced six issues before going into abeyance. Now with the publishing support of Concrescent Scholars, the academic imprint of Concrescent Press, Coreopsis has been moved onto a new WordPress platform and a new host to improve access and publishing flexibility. Paul Rucker ( has taken on art direction for the publication and it is his work you see in the banner and background.

We are now in preparation for our next issue, Spring/Summer 2013 Vol. 2 No. 4: Musing upon Euterpe: Electric and Acoustic Music of Our Times.

Suggested subjects include, but are not limited to, music of the ancients, music and mythology, music in myth and theater, Pagan and traditional music, and modern mythical topic within popular and folk music. The publication date is April 29. See the Announcements tab for more information.” [via]