Charles Cameron’s Hipbone Games

I’ve mentioned Hipbone Games’ Glass Bead Game implementation previously, and have been in communication with Charles Cameron for a couple years now off and on. Today I am happy to announce the newest authorized and official mirror at the library is Hipbone Games. Charles and I have been talking about adding new material as well, so the site could soon see some additional updates, becoming more than just a mirror.

This new addition to the site is home to a number of resources on game design and theory by Charles including his implementation of the Glass Bead Game, from Hermann Hesse’s Magister Ludi.

So, head on over and explore the entire HipBone Games site, but especially check out “Here’s your invitation to play the HipBone Games” and “HipBone: dreams and other reasons you might want to play …

If you’re inspired to play a round of the Glass Bead Game around themes of classical, esoteric or philosophical interest, using one of the board designs provided or using a new one of your own devising, consider sending a record of your session to me so I can share it with others.