Summary of the week ending Apr 27th, 2013

This last week I worked on various improvements to the Hermetic Library. I had conversations via email, social media and others with various people about the collections at the library. I posted and shared a variety of things via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Iconomancy, Pilgrimage to Far-Distant Countries, Thelema and the Libri of Aleister Crowley, and elsewhere.

Here’s another new piece of helpful propaganda from the Ministry of Information, a take on the original trilogy of British posters from WWII. Go take a gander. There’s downloadable wallpapers of each, and links to t-shirts and posters for several designs as well.

Unicursal DO THY WILL poster


There are many ways to participate in the work of the library, and ways to become a supporter. Becoming a supporter, with either a one-time or recurring donation, will help the library pay hosting costs necessary to stay online, expand the collection, and develop other projects such as perhaps an actual Reading Room. In addition to feeling good about helping the library, becoming a supporter means you will be included in things such as occasional unannounced Postal Potlatch mailings as well as other regular fun such as receiving gratis download codes for the upcoming Spring 2013 Hermetic Library Album!


Here is a summary of Hermetic Library blog posts this last week:

Reading Room

The Search for Leadership by Allan E Roberts, reviewed by T Polyphilus
Enochian Chess of the Golden Dawn: A Four-Handed Chess Game by Chris Zalewski is part of the collection at the Reading Room
Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas by Elaine Pagels is part of the collection at the Reading Room

Anthology Project

Postal Potlatch

Visual Pool

Eye of Horus added by John Bell

Audio Pool

Know That I Am added by HOST
Every night I die again … added by The OVRMN
Al-Afghani added by The OVRMN
The Void added by The OVRMN
THX1138 added by The OVRMN

Video Pool

Arts and Letters Pool

Goods and Services

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