Most Powerful Mother


Most Powerful Mother

Shadowcaster is the collaborative work of many different artists working with the producer, artist and filmmaker known as Aleph.Null. It is the amalgamation of different artistic directions combined with a central focus on occultism, ritual magic and myth. Stage performances are often intense and possibly involve bodily fluids, nudity, or imagery which some may take offense.

Regarding performance as a sacred art sometimes months of preparation is needed meditatively, ritually and physically to fully immerse ourselves into these events. Songs are created specifically for each performance and are intended never to be performed again. Custom tailored interactive multimedia/video is created for each event and can sometimes involve unusual means of production and presentation and is often sound reactive. Other “live” elements are sometimes included.

All music is provided free of charge as often as is possible. Shadowcaster offers hand made reprints of rare occult books for the cost of reproduction and binding at some events as well as other unusual tokens of thanks to those who attend (bones, sacred objects, stones, etc). This is the closest thing to “merchandising” you will find.

Each work is similar to a sand mandala in that it only exists for the length of the event. Nothing remains but the rare recordings which are distributed in limited edition (hand packaged and numbered up to 108). Certain albums/events are provided digitally but never live recorded. One short film does exist depicting part of a live show but key elements of the performance were edited from it as to prevent them from being reproduced and to respect the overall tradition of secrecy which Shadowcaster holds dear. Simply titled The Alchemical Visions of Zosimos, it was recognized by the Denver Underground Film Festival and was awarded “Best Documentary” in 2011.

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Magick, Music and Ritual 7, the Spring 2013 anthology album from the Hermetic Library
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