Edward Kelley Birthday

Edward Kelley Birthday is an event at Treadwell’s in London, that may be of interest, on Aug 1, 2013 at 7:30 pm.

“Born 1st August 1555, Elizabethan alchemist Edward Kelley is famed for his magical workings and Bohemian adventures with the learned John Dee. Together they did angelic magic – and brought through what they believed was the language of the angels – Enochian. Very much the bad boy of the pair, Kelley was nevertheless the one who scryed into the crystal ball, who saw the angels, who received messages from spirits. Tonight we remember him, flaws and all. There will be merriment, a short illustrated presentation, a birthday cake, a bit of dramatised dialogue based on conversations recorded in manuscripts. And a free drink for everyone arriving in caps with earflaps.”