The Life and Death of an Unnoticed Shadow

The Life and Death of an Unnoticed Shadow is the first album by Heremtic Library anthology artist Exomène, released recently back in May, and may be of interest.

“In this piece I stuck to the dark ambient cinematic soundscapes I developed with my side project “The Spoken Worms” and as usual I tell a story with this album. The story of some people barely noticed at the background of our lives. Shadows, living their lives absurdly alone and lonely. The very meaning of their existence denied even to them.

This time, I told the story in a chronological order so you follow the Shadow from its birth to its death and even after while listening to the record. From an average newborn, the character rapidly becomes a shadow when put for the first time in the so-called light of the outside world. Unlike most shadows, this one is soon aware of what’s happening to the very essence of its live and tries to struggle against that. Its quest for becoming a full-fledged being drives it crazy and then beyond madness in a totally different reality with its own rules and creatures. This journey into another reality is experienced as an initiatory rite for the Shadow that comes back to its own reality with enough lucidity to live its live as a shadow while marginally changing its fate. But the creatures of the outer world noticed the shadows journey and its new strength and anyway, they don’t want anything to change its fate. So the Shadow dies and its requiem is here to remind it what the Shadow was and should have stayed. Finally as a punishment for its boldness, the shadow ends up in the eternal limbo where it should have stayed.

On the musical side I can’t really tell who influenced so please, tell me in the comments if the sounds remind you something.

Regarding the story, while writing this article I noticed there is definitely a lovecraftian influence and probably a need for a therapy.” [via]