Subsequent Forms

Subsequent Forms” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


In an age of stone she found
prehistoric technology.
She tearfully told her lifeless son
how much she loved him
cuddled him tightly,
not wanting to let him go.

“We’ve lost him,
he didn’t make it, sorry.”
It was for him to perform
some menial task
his lot in life.

It was the worse feeling
she had ever felt.
But she just started
talking to him.
She told him
what his name was
that he had a sister.

He occasionally gasped for air.
Then he started breathing.
He held out his hand
and grabbed her finger.
He opened his eyes
and moved his head
from side to side.

The rest is ordinary.
Someday he would
hatch insane schemes
have a daughter.

Today he just would not die.
“I don’t believe it,
I don’t believe it”
He said.

She instinctively did
what she did.
Recurring action
in any number of
subsequent forms.


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