Previews of the 72DEMONS book have been posted, which is the end goal of the 72DEMONS Project that started back on 2011 to create new illustrations for all 72 demons from Ars Goetia. It’s been a long time coming, but looks gorgeous and worth the wait!


“Inspired by the Lesser Key of Solomon, comics, and 17th century grimoire, the 72DEMONS project is a venue for new and budding visual artists. Our goal is to publish an illustrated book depicting the seventy-two demons archived in the Ars Goetia, believed to be a guide written by King Solomon for summoning both helpful and malevolent spirits. Thousands of years later these entities persist, although they have changed their names and faces!

Since summer of 2011, 72DEMONS has expanded into a diverse collective of illustrators, painters, graphic designers, writers and video artists — making for one hefty book! Like what you see? What you are viewing now are only a few pieces from the first full-color proof.” [via]