Training The Dog

Trainging The Dog” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


Remember that dog barking
is the one way the dog communicates to us.
In relation to pacing the beat
there are a few aspects worth looking at.

The dog is protected in all situations
by allowing the discussion to
have an agenda.
I certainly have one.

We do not wish to prevent dog barking
but we do wish to control barking
as required.
It’s been obvious
the way each of us interprets dog training
is deeply subjective.

If barking is the answer to every question
there can’t be a dialogue.

Learning to read your dog’s signals
and means of communicating
is incredibly important
to your overall relationship.
(There are very few terms
that everyone agrees on.)

The owner has to get to know his dog
and the situations that create the barking.
The social, public sphere is now considered
out of the realm of the training.
Even if there’s no agreement
in the political outlook
the dog training remains
the main tool in the ongoing process.

It’s necessary to share
every negative aspect.
Innocence is beautiful and stupid.
A descending octave is the result.

When the barking is not in line
with this understanding,
an owner can demonstrate calm,
confident leadership
and allow for changes in understanding
without harming the dog.
Take control in the right way.


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