The Argument That Took the Wrong Turning

Hermetic Library fellow T Polyphilus reviews The Argument That Took the Wrong Turning: A Vindication of Priest/ess and Queer Gnostic Mass in Reply to T Polyphilus by Michael Effertz:

Michael Effertz's The Argument That Took the Wrong Turning from Luxor Media Group

“The Argument That Took the Wrong Turning” is an all-too-apt title for Michael Effertz’s 33-page pamphlet, written in reply to my 700-word review of his book Priest/ess. He treats my brief book review as though it were an attempt at an exhaustive critique of his position and his writing. Despite his ability to quote me accurately, he often misrepresents my views, drawing inaccurate inferences and overlooking the genuine implications in my review. It is a disappointing but hardly surprising outcome. [via]


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