Worlds Within

Worlds Within” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


Two double-stranded helices
A diagram for the Pleroma
interfacing with the word.
What would be the shape
of this invisible act?

One angel speaks only truth
another speaks only falsehood.
Such wisdom isn’t verbally empty
nor is it relevant
nor practical.

A trail of bread crumbs in the forest
incorporates an explicit statement.
Such a quest
to look for a shape in free air.

A world within a world.
The procedure for such interfacing
leads to fractal beauty opening wide.
A rose within a rose.

If we forget all the names
and laugh with our jaws unhinged
the chief emotion becomes vicariousness.
Empathy turns into poetry.

If we remember it
we fall,
infected with the word.
Execute stillness.

All words are extra words.
However, if you look closely
poetry is a visible act.


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