Mysterious Flying Beast

Mysterious Flying Beast” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


What binds me to you
is the legendary night journey
the paradigm of space flight
where the weak are meat
for rational egoists
and utopian socialists.

Are you? Am I?
Are we the one
that fixes sovereignty
into a global virtual application
located deep in cyberspace,
in the best interest of the citizen
yet destined to be forgotten.

Maybe just
an appetizer
a bit of something
behind the panther’s tooth.

Out-of-this-world journeys were taken
Destined to be forgotten
The latter is always
the primary reality.

The ultimate rising of the You
is the nature of
spiritual attainment and authority.
Something unforgettable and fanged
a shadow of legend
growing in Technicolor
but the primary reality has shrunk.

The legend is that you arrived to me
a mysterious flying beast
subject undenied
unforgettable and fanged.

Are you now?
Am I? Are You?
The strong will eat…
such natural laws
cannot be understood
through reason.


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