In The Company Of The White Rabbit

In The Company Of The White Rabbit” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


Research on presence
has brought to us
a blindingly strange

In order to evoke an illusion
it is said
things might work better
in the company
of the white rabbit.

Thereafter we are set free
to explore different mediations
of virtual reality.

Then again, snow
despite its being a major concept
in this field,
is most often overlooked or confused
in various studies
in the field of cognition.

Such problems can’t be avoided
without the help of
external perceptual inputs.
Soon the entire process
tends to disappear,

It will go on to form
a space-time referent
in which one will
be able to experience
a particular sensation.

Various theories
have been proposed
They all amount to
gooble gobble
gooble gobble.

Electric fire
purely evoked
by our mind
the dream.


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