Round Tables

Round Tables” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


Our footsteps start at dawn.
We sound like an army.
This word literally means ladder.
At each of the seven stages
of this ladder,
there is a former spokesman.
The journey entails
passing through a dust storm.
A smattering of trees talk
of the potential mass ascent.
They blow wishes to the morning star
high above the clouds.

The hope of a thousand humans
are collected
at the bottom of a well.
These spiritual types of games
are played
above the water
close to the sun.

The games are open
to any number of participants.
The mass heat
is central to
our work.
The experience
of the time dimension
is orchestrated
through beats
and the coming of rattles.

Close to dawn
we find ourselves
at the gates
of the platform.
Four of these
are triple gates.

We bring with us
every unearthly desire.
When groups of three
learn to act together
they can enter
from any of the four directions.
Three times four
is twelve.

There is a layer of
raw flesh
at the base of the mountain.
There we assemble round tables
for twelve each.
Sex surges in the blood cells.
The geometry
of these vibrant polyhedrons
our expanding dimensionality.


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