Born In Flames

Born In Flames” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


Born in flames,
they came into the houses.
This free access
acted as a buffer,
a broader move
by Church and State
to ban all forms of dissonance,
the colonization and extermination
of noise and darkness.

They took what they wanted
as it was known that they would.
It was precisely the state violence
of these campaigns
which separated them from other
events in the future and past.
This was the end of time,
the end of history
brought about
through the development
of capitalism.

A new era was forged
outside the control
of the old masters and kings.
Of course, this was
what had always been done
in such moments.
For just about any purpose,
all workers were plunged
into a digital process


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