Infrastructure” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


We are language.
Spindling threads
between materialist science and religion.
Spiraling tentacles of thought
reaching for altered states of consciousness,
grabbing at the extremities.
Long stalks of seaweed and ocean plants
carefully studying
experiential inner phenomenon.

We are language.
Thoughts so nebulous,
staring into a transcendent cognitive eternity,
into the ontological nature of life itself.
Clouds like scattered rain showers,
a world of increasing complexity.
Piles and piles of hay
Stacked for the summer,
language wrapped in little papers
such books hold all the answers,
answers transformed by time,
sunshine and darkness
because they’re not real.
They can’t be.

Backwards a record spins
through our entire time stream.
The supreme powers of binary thought
hold the secrets still the same.
Different brains
spindling thoughts
through some daemonic urge.
Spiraling through
the darkness
embedded in the linguistic infrastructure.

Come towards my open window,
change reality from within


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