Undifferentiated Particles

Undifferentiated Particles” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


In the end
the cosmos created God,
a single chaotic mind
exploding with stars,
detritus of nebulae
becoming pure radiation
pure consciousness.
A volitional teleology
derived from space dirt,
undifferentiated particles of radiation
rapidly moving
towards inevitable heat death.
Did you see
the serpentine curvilinear
hyper intensities
in their entirety?
How they became
a single conscious being
left behind on the rug?
Cosmic significance
too small to see
too small to grasp.
When we went away
we liberated consciousness
from its physical framework,
in a complex dance
at the heart of the milky way
we Alphas
created the single Omega.
The surviving conscious civilizations
were permanently lodged
in the labyrinthine caves
within my cerebellum.
Sometimes at night
I hear them whisper.


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