Operating System

Operating System” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


The metal gates opened
and we flew down
into the microcosm
of the human operating system,
in search of the key
hidden within the pineal gland.

In the clouds
we found messages from
an old consciousness theorist.
Our new wings
gray and dark
played a central role
in this transcendent experience.

Pink and gold blew in
from the shadows.
Below, the massive fire
often venerated as the third eye,
both ancient and timeless.
Above, dancers and drums,
inventions theorized to stimulate
the key release.

Chants floated away on the wind.
Our organic process
involved entheogens,
the hacking of the operating system.

Then came the gardens
the inner worlds of the mystics.
Full of perfume and jasmine,
transhuman kisses.
Soft unreal petals
flew across the cosmos,
across human history,
beyond the edges of time.


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