Shared Aim

Shared Aim” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


“I was with others.
Like-minded beings who were able to assist
in each others’ efforts.
There were many of them
but they all seemed to work together.
I saw them as dreamers.

They spoke of waiting
for a particular event.
I didn’t know exactly what this event was.
They appeared very calm,
quiet and reserved on the surface,
but I could sense much activity within.

Someone said:
“Now is the time.”
They communicated best
through visual methods,
fast three dimensional gestures
which left no room for doubt.
They were all in agreement.
past pain and emotion was held within.
We all gave thanks
to those who had helped us to be here.

Someone said:
“But we can’t give him atomic energy yet…”
“We need someone who knows what they are doing.”
Everything was happening too fast.
We found ourselves building a strong connection.
We could no longer remember who I was.
We had a feeling we would forget more very soon.

It was a delicate matter
of personal chemistry and shared aim,
something rarely taught in Earth schools.
In an instant, from one of the houses
a great space ship emerged,
huge, bright, complex, evolving.

Everyone was ready.
This was the next stage in the plan.
There was no further need
to express our inner personal self with others,
we were no longer ones.
There was a sense of calmness in everyone,
at times we even appeared to be uninterested.
No sign of fear,
just a sense of team work,
each one conscious
of their own post.
A radical transformation
was about to take place.”


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