Ouija Coffee Table

You might want to check out the instructions for making your own Ouija Coffee Table, and the instructions include a downloadable of the fantastic vector design for the table you can use. You could actually use this technique for creating many kinds of ritual or decorative surface, using various designs such as for one’s Enochian work or so forth, as well; add it to your toolbox along with traditional découpage.

Ouija Coffee Table at Instructables

“I wanted a cool, unique coffee table for my house, but couldn’t find anything that I liked in my price range. My goal for this project was to keep costs to a minimum and keep the structural design fairly simple, but ultimately wanted a fun project and conversational piece. I was inspired by old Ouija Board designs, which had wonderful curved typefaces and intricate illustrations. This was a fun project and cost me around $120 to complete, and requires only basic tools.” [via]