The Complete Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscript

The Complete Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscript [also, also], Golden Dawn Studies Series Number 1, deciphered, translated and edited by Darcy Küntz, introduction by R A Gilbert, the 1996 first edition paperback from the Holmes Publishing Group, is part of the collection at the Reading Room.

Darcy Kuntz R A Gilbert The Complete Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscript from Holmes Publishing Group

“This book contains the first complete facsimile and translation of the Cipher Manuscript, which became the foundation of the Golden Dawn’s initiation ceremonies and knowledge lectures. The complete Cipher Manuscript has been safeguarded in private collections and inaccessible to occultists and historians for over a century—until now. The publication of the Cipher Manuscript is the most important Golden Dawn manuscript to be printed in many years.

Some Highlights of the Volume:

  • An early history of the Golden Dawn as presented by the author.
  • ‘A Tentative Solution to the Riddle of the Cipher Manuscript’ by R.A. Gilbert and printed in North America for the first time.
  • The first complete facsimile and translation of all 60 Cipher Folios, including two unknown Cipher Folios recently discovered.
  • The ‘Zelator Opening’ Ceremony and now issued for the first time from an obscure source of the Cipher Manuscript.
  • The ‘Knowledge [Lecture] of the Theoricus’ Grade — newly discovered and now appearing for the first time.
  • S.L. MacGregor Mathers’ ‘Notice to the Philosophi’ herein available as the Philosophus Knowledge Lecture.
  • The ‘Adeptus Minor Opening Ceremony’ newly translated into English from French, Latin, Hebrew and Greek.
  • S.L. MacGregor Mathers’ version of the Practicus ‘Tarot Lecture.’ based on the Cipher Manuscript and presented as an appendix.
  • The Bibliography contains a list of the Golden Dawn Source Works relating to the Cipher Manuscript.”


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