These Are Not Tears

These Are Not Tears” is a collaboration with Dave Migman added by Audiothrillseeker in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


Spoken word by Dave Migman.

“our dissolution runs in rivulets
down our cheeks begging
forgiveness from the hollows
of our misinterpreted lives

in our solvency, inadequacy

the pieces dissolving, the jigsaw
is a kaleidoscopic craze
in which we seek fresh patterns

to imbibe meaning into each strata

as we struggle onwards
sometimes laughing, sometimes crying
but always now apart
longing the halycon fantasy
that marks the narrative of
our passing

you are a stingray spike through a tongue
you are turquoise embedded in flesh
an old man gasping for air
on a Mediterranean night.
Everything you touch ignites or dies.

there was no diversion from the sound
they were diametrically exposed to each other
he sat, immobilised, as the cello
drew powder from his bones
and the chanter rang the chambers
of his heart like a sonorous bell

can’t say I want the stress of your
disaster freaking up the warp of my weft
the April sun is drying out the shingle
the plane arrows the apricot dusk
I have several blessings to count
Several to curse, several to discount
Another beer to fudge the balmy
cunt and feed the bastard night alive
again to curse, to drop, to fall

Do they laugh at our freakish dance?
Surely we are casting doubts upon
The paradigms of their contrivance
For it is their ‘shit’ not ours, and
Though I do not doubt our insanity
I also consider theirs more virulent!

Ours is that of imbeciles drunk on
The scant passion of moments past
Clinging to our obsession with the
Temerity of limpets – the bastion
Of faith and faithless, dreams
Or emptiness, the sun hollers
Through the pink, some one is drowning
In the silence of the ocean”


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