It’s Aleister Crowley’s Birthday

On the occasion of Aleister Crowley’s lesser feast for life, born October 12, 1875, Jason Louv, over at Ultraculture, links to the Libri of Aleister Crowley in a re-post about Crowley’s continued relevance today at “It’s Aleister Crowley’s Birthday“.

“Crowley took it as his life’s work to return an understanding of Magick to a society that had buried it. Like many others of his generation, he helped kick down the locked doors of repression, both sexual and spiritual, and sought to put the study of the ‘otherworlds’ on a firm scientific basis.

Crowley was one of the first Westerners to openly talk about and advocate yoga, meditation, ritual, shamanism, the chakras, understanding of past lives, sexual and chemical experimentation, Qabalah, Buddhism, Hinduism and even Tantra as valid tools for self-exploration.

For Crowley (also an early advocate for gay rights), all of these could be used as structures to achieve one thing: the discovery, and execution, of one’s true life purpose. Unlike the Theosophists who came before him and the New Agers who came after him, he ruthlessly sought to cut out any fluffy, wishful and deluded thinking and instead posited Magick as the study of the true nature of the world, which, being natural, is neither black nor white but, rather, red in tooth and claw.” [via]