2014 anthology album artwork and design call for proposals

It is time to start thinking about the next year of album covers for the Hermetic Library albums from the Anthology Project!

Since there’s a tiny lull between the recent deadline for submissions and the upcoming release of the final Hermetic Library Album for 2013, Magick, Music and Ritual 9, I wanted to mention that I am looking for an artist to work with me to create the covers for the next full year, the four cover designs for the 2014 anthology albums.

The inagural guest artist for Fall 2012 was Valerie Herron. For this full year the four quarterly covers in 2013 have been by Mustafa al-Laylah. You should check out all of these great designs by the guest anthology cover artists!

Now it’s time to start thinking about the next series of covers. If you or someone you know would be great for this and interested in working with me on them, I’d love to hear ideas for covers that would span all four issues. These covers can also combine into a whole poster or be such that each cover is a detail of some part of a larger image. Or, perhaps you have an idea I have not even thought of and want to propose that instead!

If you have an idea you’d like to suggest for the four covers in 2014, do get in contact; or, let others know to contact me if you think they may be interested in this.

I will accept proposals at least through November 31st, and hope to have a final decision no later than December 31st, if not earlier. Hard deadline for complete artwork and design from the selected artist, for at least the first in the sequence, the Hermetic Library Album for Winter 2014, will be Jan 15th, 2014.