The Wild Hunt 2013 Fall Funding Campaign

Jason Pitzl-Waters at Wild Hunt site has announced their new funding drive to support their independent journalism around Pagan news and views at “The Wild Hunt 2013 Fall Funding Campaign” and you may be interested in supporting that work.

Wild Hunt Fall funding drive 2013

“Approximately one year ago, I decided to make The Wild Hunt, a Pagan news site which I’ve been running continuously since 2004, an independent entity again after a year of being hosted by an outside media company. It wasn’t an easy decision, and it came with fiscal, logistical, and technical headaches, but I believe, and still believe, that The Wild Hunt’s mission to provide news, information, context, and unique perspectives about our interconnected religious communities needed to grow and exist as something outside the confines of its previous host.

In taking that step, I also did something unprecedented in my history running this site: I brought on staff writers and columnists, and decided to pay them for their high-quality contributions. I wanted The Wild Hunt to stop simply being about me and my perspectives, for it to become a true Pagan news magazine and daily destination for Pagans, Heathens, polytheists, pantheists, and the many other branches of our ever-expanding religious communities. One year later, I think we have made important steps down that road, and I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve done. Now, as we get ready to start another year, we need our community, our readership, more than ever if The Wild Hunt is going to thrive and continue its mission.” [via]