Lego Photosynthesis

Lego Photosynthesis” is a track added by rfcl in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


I may not be a deep thinker but I can make good decisions.

Before we met he wrote a love song describing eternity.
He called it: “My Baby’s Living Dead.”
When I heard it, it triggered very complex cellular activity
at all of the genetic levels.
I became operational as an intelligent LEGO machine.
How this could be triggered from a thought is completely unknown.

Indifferent to time and other disturbances,
I was living in stillness,
perceiving a lot more information in each unit of time.
I know now that things living in one time may not live in another
but certain quantum effects I found in all living organisms.
I clung to this idea.

One requirement of time is that something must be happening
in many different regions of perception.
This phenomenon of multiplicity I called the critical fusion frequency.
The something that happens I called time.
I continued to interact with people and human culture,
but certain events from the quantum level
had altered my ability to perceive time
on very small scales.
I came to the conclusion that
this could be the difference between life and death.

One night, there was a long discussion about natural time,
involving vastly different sizes spanning 12 orders of magnitude.
Eternity wrapped me up, while the words flowed around me.
The rate at which time operated in me varied.
This sealed the song in an eternal chamber.
My memory appeared to be in a language of the mental order.
I was sure there was considerable scope to study this system further.

I have never been clear on
whether he was the one who died,
or whether it was me.
That night I was experiencing time
more slowly than large bodied animals.
Through the efficient mechanisms of LEGO photosynthesis
I increased my ability to observe motion on finer time scales.
This change had different impacts
with different results at all of these 12 levels.

I still wonder
how he might have perceived the world differently
before the light source became constant.


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