Pyramidox vel Heb á Qual

Pyramidox vel Heb á Qual by Michael Idehall, who is also a Hermetic Library anthology artist, is a work that will be available for pre-order on Oct 21st, 2013 in a deluxe edition and due to release January 2014.

Michael Idehall Pyramidox from Aeon Sophia Press

“The vestments of old ages will wither along the road of pilgrimage, and newborn flesh will house the smokeless flame of gnosis. And thus a new book may have and old heart, and the songs of my mothers will be sung by foreign throats.—Oracle of Heb á Qual

The Pyramidox vel Heb á Qual constitutes a contemporary exploration of the grimoire known as The Treasure of the Old Man of the Pyramids, executed by means of sorcerous reification in order to present the mysteries that veil the heart of a book of power.

New incantations complement the twenty reworked talismans, and a transmission of sigils for entering into the tutelage of the Sentinel of this liber spiritum has been appended to the more traditional content.” [via]