Colors that vanish

Colors that vanish” is a track added by Manuel Montero in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


“If I am a bird of lust and wisdom, same way
the noirceur of a sharp crow
than the circus look of parrots
because I do not know the use of mankind in detail
and my house is a cloud as myth take the phone to say
this song the slave and the aged whore fail
to execrate as an everyday disease of ear
them used to mankind song do not bear
the circus lock is a secret parrot spoke
the stranger bird came with few words
whispers and a cough of suspicion
let in me tonight be the twilight crow and give me raw
your oh of womanly respect for the black feather of night vision
give me raw flesh of your every day unjewelled ear
give me raw kisses on my strange parts made of air
because I am a male fair emprisoned in outer space of nature
I belong to the merchant, mainly to his wife and mother
used to funeral songs and feeding of me nervous
your house is called memory, hebrew letters and gifts I left
the door was open and the bird had too much spoken
uncontrolled cloaca explained love by shitting in the chair
and back a broad sickness left by fair on a red stair
by vomishing liquid and seed about solutions you need
crow’s hand took yours as the phantom of a birth and a lick in your skin
mascara of a ceremony to erect your chin until you would sing or cry
insipid nabel oh how me crow I can about shiver
trembling certitude of hard syllabation on my heat
handing in strength the length of a sofa rapture
between you and your man my name confound
as I am the sound of tortured troubled cloud I rain a loud
repetition of time in signs and castles in Spain”


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