Periphery by Alexx Bollen, host of the Alexxcast podcast, is a book that may be of interest.

Alexx Bollen Periphery

“Periphery is an experiment in quantum storytelling, in the magical realism tradition of Gabriel García Márquez. It combines Gnostic wisdom; psychedelic perceptions; quantum theory; and an odd sort of psychology.” [via]

“There is an old Victorian house posing as an office in ‘The Burned-Over District.’ In that office, a giant, a waif, and a child wait for someone who can be shown the true nature of the world.

John is a man with a talent to see what is not there, or, at least, what was not there until that fateful day when a want-ad caught his eye and sent him into the depths of the woods … into the periphery.” — back cover

“In a break in the trees above the street, a start to the sky, there is glowing in the aether. The sky is now a fading yellow as he watches the winged shapes perform delicate motions upon the horizon. He sees a singular bird amongst the flock, appearing more mammalian than avian.

A bird falls to his right, bouncing slightly upon impact with the street.

He looks disturbed as a black shape bounces stiffly on the sidewalk.

Startled, he watches as another falls.

His nerves run electric as yet another bird drops from the sky, and another, and another.

It rains birds …” — back cover

“It’s essentially a story about the perception of reality, both the narrative and the narrator are working on multiple levels, understanding is based on previous knowledge and study. Also, people in the know would get a kick out of the little hidden references I’ve included. ie: Last names of major characters are Weishaupt and Dee.” — Alexx Bollen, via email