Silent Tarot

Silent Tarot Handmade Tarot Deck by Silent Citadel is a specialty deck created in mixed media by the artist and then produced as full decks. There’s a tumblog about the cards, and a videos by the creator; as well as a number of other videos by artists in the ASMR community such as Heather Feather, asmrnovastar, and more.

Silent Citadel Silent Tarot

“A gorgeous handmade 78 card tarot deck.
All majors and minors are included.

These cards are about 3×4.

The suit of cups has been replaced with the suit of hearts — but the other cards and suits follow standard tarot assignments — sticks, coins, and swords.

The deck took over a year to create, and was originally made by hand collaging mixed media on cardstock. I then scanned them at high resolution (600dpi) and had them professionally printed, though I am still hand cornering every card. They are printed on 100lb matte card, with the highest quality reproduction values possible.

You really do have to see them in real life to understand how pretty they look as cards.”

Silent Citadel Silent Tarot The World

“This deck took an enormous amount of creative input from me, and each one was lovingly, and painstakingly crafted to be as close to perfect as I am capable of. Some took hours to make, some took days.

Each deck will come with a handmade cloth carrying pouch crafted by a dear friend of mine, and a booklet written by me, with brief defenitions of the cards and a description of the deck.

Please note: These were originally printed as 4.25 x 5.75 (much larger). Those were a LIMITED EDITION and are SOLD OUT. Sorry! This size (4×3) is not a limited edition.”

Silent Citadel Silent Tarot Justice

Silent Citadel Silent Tarot Devil