MicroSpaces Remix

MicroSpaces Remix” is a track added by rfcl (aka Radio Free Clear Light) in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


“Certain authorities who claimed to know
vilified his treatise as ‘a book forged in the micro world.’
He claimed there were worlds hidden within the ordinary
and his book proved there could be no such thing as divine creation.

‘The lamp and painting you see everyday,
it was not made to serve any purpose,
it does not exist for the sake of any end.
The easily recognized shapes and colors,
they are simply a common structural component of organic molecules.
As familiar as your own face and just as inherently unknown.’

But if we dare to think that The Hidden is like us
we will certainly be dominated by the passions of hope and fear.
Instead we choose to live in parallel spaces,
spaces that bend and shift depending on the hour.

We maintain as certain that The Hidden itself
directs all things to some certain end.
We have become spies hidden in plain sight.
We say that The Hidden has made all things for us.

We now move through celestial time,
far beyond the familiar.
We recurrently set off cascades of cellular changes,
the kind of changes which were once believed to occur
only during fetal development.
But we found all this to be superstition,
grounded in ignorance of the true knowledge of The Hidden.

A local legend claims that in the woods off Highway One
sit the seven gates of the micro world.
There’s only one visible gate,
a rather ordinary-looking thing he installed
to keep people off his property.

We found the gates
and we changed our sub-molecular structure in adulthood.
The hidden universe was there,
tucked away in the crevasses
of the known and explored.
The gates appeared on the perimeter of our fire,
we could see it only with eyes that chose to take the journey.

We now exist in the micro spaces of self and time.
We stepped through all seven gates and landed straight in micro world.
We then attached ourselves to the sub-molecular structure
within each cell of our new hosts.

‘There is no contingency in Nature,
nothing which could have been otherwise.
Every shape infinitely transforms.’
We now know every word he wrote is true.

Curious trespassers sometimes sneak onto the property
in search of a direct route to the micro world.
So far, none have been successful.”


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